The good and the will

Driving to the grocery store today, I passed Goodwill and realized it’d been a while since I’d browsed around. I normally frequent other thrift and antiques/junk shops here in Corvallis, but the Goodwill here is one of those “mega-Goodwills” that consists of about half cast-offs and half unsold items from big retailers like Target (tags still attached). In short, there’s little vintage stuff to be had. And while I don’t deny the utility of the store for “practical” items like Tupperware, muffin tins, and garlic presses, it’s not the kind of place I’d go in anticipation of good thrifting. But today I came away with two good finds:


Green stapler. Vintage Swingline “Colt.”

Purple boots

Purple boots. With blue socks, yes.

So these two small things have been the highlight of my afternoon. My intention for the evening is to continue today’s purple theme and work on my knitting project, this pattern from knitty. I’m knitting it in Blue Sky Alpacas‘ sport-weight in the color eggplant. It’s my first go at knitting a lace motif, and I’ve started over twice already, once because I screwed up something I couldn’t even identify, and the second because I dropped a stitch but couldn’t figure out where.


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