Letterpress: the weekend in recap

I spent the better part of Sunday in the letterpress shop, making notecards that I’ll (fingers crossed) sell at the flea market next month. I wasn’t quite sure where to start, given that I want these to be a bit personal—notecards and envelopes with initials, so that they’ll seem customized. But this is hard to do without actually knowing who will buy these, not to mention what their names will be. So I did what any strategizing, calculated person would do: I guessed. Mostly, I just picked the letters that I liked best.

Progress, so far.

So I’m hoping that Mary, Kim, and Evelyn come to the market. (If not, my friends with M, K, and E names can look forward to a present in the mail . . .) I’ll be making more of the general “hello” cards, as well, and some thank-you notes of sort. But I think this is a pretty good start.

Watching ink dry.

I love how these “K” ones came out: textured, but clear.


One thought on “Letterpress: the weekend in recap

  1. I would love to receive an E in the mail. You know, for Elizabeth. Or Entwhistle 🙂

    I read the whole blog. Good work Lauren.

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