If you’ve wondered what’s become of me . . .

I should have known that, when starting a blog and getting engaged around the same time, one was going to win out eventually. Wedding 1, blog 0. Pete and I are getting married in just a little over two months—May 2. And every moment, now, that’s not occupied by teaching or other work finds me doing something wedding.

Ours has shaped up to be a DIY wedding, both because it’s more economical and because we’re both the kind of people who make, create and customize. Also, because I’m sort of a control freak, and the thought of signing off tasks to other people tends to stress me out more than just doing them myself.

I wish I had better documented some of my steps along the way, perhaps shared them on here. But there is a fine line between work and artistry, and much of what we’ve done thus far falls under the work header. But there have been a few fine creations, with many more to come, I’m sure, as we start fine-tuning details. (I am particularly excited about favors, but don’t want to give away too much for fear any wedding attendees might have their surprise spoiled.) But here are a few glimpses of the save-the-date cards that went out in December and the invites that will start their journey tomorrow.

For the save-the-date cards, we had custom one-inch buttons printed up with what’s now become known as our “wedding logo”—the ampersand. Besides being a beautiful typographic character, its symbolism of “and,” or, more originally, the Latin “et” (meaning “and”) signifies the addition of one to the other. It just sort of worked out that way, that the “&” button was the best of the ones Pete designed, and that there’s also some meaning behind it, contrived or not. We punched two holes in each card with the Paper Source screw punch (quite possibly my favorite tool ever), and then fastened the buttons onto the cards themselves:

save-date-buttonSave-the-date buttons

The invites, themselves, I made in the letterpress studio at Oregon State when I was still living in Corvallis. And the envelopes I addressed by hand, all in this same sort of home-grown calligraphy. On the back of each envelope, we affixed oval labels with our initials embossed on them. (I ordered a custom embosser from Scribe’s Delight, and for $85, I think it might be the best wedding investment I made.) I feel so lucky to live in a city with three Paper Source stores, and for all their matching accoutrements which made the finishing touches possible. The color, FYI, is called curry.


wedding-invites-4Hand-letterpressed wedding invitations


wedding-invitesWedding invitation calligraphy—my own adaptation

wedding-invites-3Embossed envelope seals


3 thoughts on “If you’ve wondered what’s become of me . . .

  1. I LOVE these! Especially the calligraphy. I can’t even imagine the patience you must have had to have to address all those envelopes like that!

  2. Ooh. So nice! I am thinking of doing the same thing for my save the dates. A card + a button. How did you mail them? Padded envelopes or anything special? Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Meredith! We didn’t do anything special to mail them–just used regular envelopes that fit the cards. In hindsight, we might have done it differently. The envelopes had a small bulge where the buttons stuck out, and sometimes for that reason, it was hard to get them to seal well. But they did all make it to their destinations, so the postal service didn’t seem to mind.

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