Malabrigo merino, thrift-store cashmere, and anticipation

Tuesday, by most standards a pretty lackluster day, is my favorite with this new teaching schedule. I teach Tuesday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., and then am free for the day. This hearkens back to the last two years of grad school, when that was my schedule most days. But with just one day like this, now, I relish my afternoon activities all the more.

Most recently, I’ve been using the time to knit and nurture my newfound Ravelry obsession. My crafting preferences happen in waves, and knitting has been my mainstay this winter. Since December, I’ve been working on a “Christmas” (oops) scarf for Pete’s mom. It’s the Mead Scarf, and I’m making it with Blue Sky Alpacas’ alpaca/silk blend on size three needles. The pattern is easy, but it’s taking forever and feeling pretty redundant. So this weekend, I cast on a quick weekend project, the Felicity hat. It knit up quick in this worsted-weight Malabrigo, many thanks to today’s afternoon off. (I’m quickly learning why there’s so much Malabrigo obsession out there.)

felicity-hat1-smFelicity hat, Malabrigo’s Dusty Olive

Today also required a quick trip to Goodwill—if there is such a thing for me—where I scored a stash of cashmere sweaters that I plan to unravel, wash, and then ply with my new . . . Louet S10 spinning wheel! It’s not here yet, as it’s en route from the Netherlands, but I’m already dreaming up what I’ll do with it and where it will live in this apartment.

I’ve wanted to try recycling yarn for a while, and these sweaters will offer a good chance to get to know my spinning wheel. Given that the colors aren’t really ones I’d pick, either, they may also serve as dyeing practice.


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