Not a wedding post . . . yet

One quality of myself I’m aware of — aware, not proud — is that if something’s not perfect, I abandon it. It becomes the red-headed stepchild of my to-do list, only to languish there forever until I either cross it off or lose that particular list. This blog seems to have fallen into that category. There are things I’d like to change about it: say, learn to use the real WordPress instead of this canned one; get my own url; import photos via Flickr or Picasa (still deciding between the two) instead of uploading them multiple times; and so on. So, then, it’s not perfect in my mind. And so, then, it sits until the time to make improvements magically presents itself.

But summer is dwindling (July, already?) and my list of projects growing (repurposed book for the very kind woman who officiated for Pete’s and my wedding; knitting of various baby items for various people expecting babies; redecorating the “art/music studio” room in our apartment; and, oh, so many more). But all of this is just to say that I haven’t disappeared. I still want to come back here and spend some good time, uploading pictures and descriptions of items we made for the wedding that I’m particularly proud of, and Pete’s birthday picnic blanket — my first quilt, albeit a very, very simple one.

And writing, let’s not even discuss writing. Remember that abandonment mentality? It’s accompanied by an all-or-nothing kind of motivation. There are times when I write every day. I have to. It keeps me going. And then there are the nows. But I suppose this downtime is necessary to rebuild my material, to think about what comes next, and maybe to just enjoy the summer a bit.


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