Afternoon light: Craft studio/music room

It’s not compleeetely finished yet — but what ever is? I’ve learned that if I put off writing about something until it’s perfect, it never gets written about. So here is our not-quite-perfect front room, which is Pete’s music room and my craft room. It’s best in the afternoon, like right now, when the sun is perfectly situated behind a row of trees out front, and when it comes in filtered by the leaves and the ugly security bars on our windows, which, oddly enough, cast the loveliest shadows on this purple-painted wall:

Wall light

And here are some more shots of the room’s four corners, each of which serves its own function:

The Writing Corner

Desk2My writing desk — one of the few things that came with me from Oregon

PaperclipsThrifted cup, blue and green paper clips from the Target $1 bins

The Bass Corner


Bass stringsQuite lovely, its details

Music2Pete’s Charlie Parker score, with a song he wrote for me framed above it

The All-Purpose Corner

ProjectsProjects, waiting to be finished (or started, I suppose)

LampNight. Light.

The Knitting Corner



Purple yarnYarn purchased on our honeymoon in Lisbon, Portugal

DSC03654Self-portrait. In pajamas, yes.


One thought on “Afternoon light: Craft studio/music room

  1. Just catching up on your posts since the wedding! I love, love, love the details you shared about your invitations and your favors and all the sweet touches to make your special day…well, special. The curry color is great.

    And I dig the look of your art/music room. Probably feels a lot better to re-task the space now that the busy wedding time is behind you. Lisbon honeymoon – terrific! Congratulations all around. 🙂

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