Wrapped up: the literal and figurative

Something about winter’s early onset this year has me in gifting mode already. It’s the first fall in a long time that has me truly excited about winter and the holidays, about nights in, warm drinks (gluwhine, anyone?), and cold mornings. And maybe even, on a good day, about snow.

So while working on PhD applications has consumed the better part of my fall, I’ve managed to get going on the gifts, as well. In fact, two of them just couldn’t wait until Christmas: They hit the mail last week. The gifts themselves were handmade items purchased at the summer’s Renegade Craft Fair here in Chicago ā€” one a pencil pouch for MFA friend Quinn and the other a “Future Crafter” onesie for mom-to-be (and MFA friend) Claire. But it’s their wrapping I want to share:




The hanging tags, also purchased at Renegade, came from Hive Design Studio, and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more to adorn all my Christmas goodies. In fact, present wrapping may be my favorite part of gift giving: It signifies that something is done and that it deserves being presented with the same care that went into making (or, in rare cases for me, selecting) the gift.

Oh, and of course there’s been some knitting, as well. Without giving too much away, here are some recent projects, which can be found detailed on my Ravelry page ā€” where I know their recipients won’t find them!

Baby Soph1

DSC03792Okay, this one’s kind of a giveaway, but I’m sure the recipient is far too busy writing my PhD recommendation letter to read this blog.


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