In the time of things begun

I love winter crafting. Really, I do. Especially starting things. Not so much finishing them. So, pending future finished-object posts, here are a few things done and a few things not quite there yet.

Things finished:

I made this notions pouch to hold all the knitting accessories I’m forever leaving around the apartment—stitch markers, point protectors, cable needles and the such. I used the tutorial from the Purl Bee, which involves applying seam binding in place of a lining to keep the insides from unraveling. In all honesty, I so dislike fussing around with seam binding that the lining almost seems easier.

I love the story behind the gray canvas fabric. Over the summer, at Renegade, I bought this little pouch by Yorktown Road:

Inside it was tucked a foot or so of canvas, likely put there so the pouch would maintain its shape.

So I put it with my fabric stash and waited for the right, tiny project to crop up. Sure enough.

Christmas socks for Pete’s mom

Muffins, rolls, and biscuits I spent the weekend baking and freezing.

Cabled hat for Pete’s sister (and check out the new specs!)

Things unfinished:

Mom’s Christmas scarf

Shalom Cardigan

Red-delicious surprise for a friend


One thought on “In the time of things begun

  1. I absolutely love your zip!! I always hope that those fabric pieces will come in handy somehow. You turned a simple remnant of organic cotton into something really wonderful.

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