One crafty birthday, part 1

Last Wednesday was my 30th birthday, and I had already decided, this year, that I wanted to do something clever to mark the occasion. Perhaps I was craving a birthday celebration, given that last year I was in the throes of wedding planning and couldn’t even dream of putting anything together. So this year I started early, dreaming up a “30th-birthday Craftacular”: an arts-and-crafts-themed party.

I made invites using simple chipboard from the Paper Source, using my “Keep Calm and Carry On” stamp (ordered here) to decorate the front. On the back, I glued a simple, inkjet-printed graphic with all the details, leaving room for hand-written addresses.

All said, these were nothing compared to some of the beautiful gifts I received and the inventive crafts folks made at the party itself. In the coming days, I’ll post more selected highlights. Now that my teaching semester has finished at one college, I feel the time opening up before me for a couple of weeks, which will hopefully translate into more frequent posts here and more crafting in this small, well-lit studio of mine.


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