Hot off the machine: Vogue 8637

I hurried home (well, as fast as the bus would take me) after this morning’s classes, knowing that I was on the cusp of finishing my first-ever skirt sewn from a pattern: Vogue 8637. I began making this before our trip to Washington and have just come back to it in the past couple of days. Truly, this was a test run with some fabric I got on sale at Hancock for something like $2 per yard. I’m hoping to make it again with some lovely block-printed linen from Purl, but I didn’t want to screw up on such expensive fabric. Mostly, I wanted to make sure that the pattern, which specifies that it’s for knit fabrics only, would work with non-knits. Now I’m confident it will, with a few modifications, particularly in the waistband.

Front view

Back view

On this version, I modified only a couple of things:
1.) I shortened it 2 inches;
2.) I used 5/8″ elastic in the waistband. Using the 3/8″ elastic the pattern suggested, no matter how taut I pulled it, resulted in a skirt that wouldn’t stay up. The heft of the material was too much for the elastic to support. Switching to the larger width made all the difference.

My only hangup with the pattern is that the bias strip for the bottom hem is too narrow. There wasn’t quite enough to wrap to the inside and stitch securely. That’ll be easily amended next time by doubling the width indicated in the pattern.

All said, though I’m elated it’s done (and that I’ll be able to wear it to teach class tonight, followed by a friend’s new-job celebration), it’s always sad to snip that last thread and call it a day. What keeps me going, though, is the stack of untouched patterns and the piles of fabric, new and old, that promise many more skirts to come.


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