On being not gone, just different

Since that last countdown to the move, it has happened. I now live in Columbia, Missouri, where I am pursuing my Ph.D. in English. I didn’t intend to set aside blogging, but there was just so much other writing that had to be done: creative nonfiction for my workshop, seminar papers for other classes, reading responses and conference-paper proposals—well, you get the idea. And in doing the writing that had to be done, I found it hard to find time for the writing that didn’t have to be done, that wasn’t on deadline or being graded.

Even though I haven’t been writing much, I haven’t set aside crafting. It is my solace, here, when times and schoolwork get tough. Evenings spent knitting (and, admittedly, watching bad TV shows online) are my reprieve, though I don’t have much to show for it. Without the free time I used to have, it’s much harder to see things to completion. But there is still sheer joy in just working on them. But those moments are few, and I’ve had to trade out many of my crafting tools for academic ones: knitting books for literary criticism, sewing machine for laptop, beloved rotary cutter for pen and paper. But I have come to see that these are my two lives: I am both an academic and a crafter, a thinker and a creator. And I don’t think that one could exist singly, without the other.

So please, forgive me if my posts are infrequent. While it’s summer and I have a little time off before classes begin in June, I’m going to try to return to this space more often and update you on what I’ve been doing — and what I now hope I’ll have time, at least for a couple of weeks, to resume. (When I’m not translating Pasternak, that is.)


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